Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reasons Why I love Robert Pattinson

He is sarcastic and funny-when Rob does interviews he usually always gets a joke or two in to ease off the awkwardness. Whenever he gets the chance he always throws out a sarcastic answer to questions.

The hair-even though not many guys could pull it off Rob has the sexiest hair I have ever seen in my life. With just a sweep of his hand he has the trendy just got out of bed look made just for him. (He has recently had it chopped but as seen on recent pictures it is growing out quickly).

He is humble-he is currently the most wanted guy in the world but yet he still doesn't understand what girls see in him and what the big fuss is about.

He is a musician-along with being a fantastic actor he also is an awesome musician. He plays often at Open Mic Night at various bars. He has a single on The Twilight Soundtrack, and has a voice is to die for.

He reads-I have not met many guys who read and suggest great books. Rob once stated that reading was one of his favourite past-times.

His smile-he has the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen in my life.

He is great with his fans-I have read and witnessed from videos etc. that Rob is great with his fans, always stopping to sign autographs, hug and take pictures with fans. Also, I have heard that he usually replies to fan letters with signed pictures.

He loves his dog-he has a West Highland White Terrier named "Patty" whom he loves and misses when he is away from home. During a magazine interview that asked him to send a Valentine to someone and he replied "I would like to send a Valentine to my dog, Patty".

He is British-On top of everything else he is British and has that sexy British accent which is the cutest. He often uses the word "rubbish" and pronounces literally "litchrally".

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