Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rob's British Friend

It just always gets better with Rob never do I find any reason for me to start liking him less. This is kind of disappointing as it sometimes gives me anxiety because I love Rob so much and of course I never have a chance in the world to have him.
Anyway, Rob's British friend, Tom Sturridge, is also hot and the both of them just make a dynamite combo hanging out together. Can you imagine the girls that must be drooling over these two at the clubs they visit? I don't know if there is any truth to Camilla Belle dating both of them in the past but if so what gives her the damn right to be so freakin' lucky! She is not even that pretty (she has really thick eyebrows) and to be honest she seems like a complete snob. I still wouldn't mind being her for a couple days just to have these two on my list of contacts.
I hope there comes a day when they both star in a movie together we are sure that would be a hit but I think anything that has Robert Pattinson's name in it in the future is gong to be a mega hit : )
Check this video of Rob and Tom out

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